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Future Hope

There’s a phrase which has been doing the rounds a lot over lockdown. It’s not a new phrase at all, in fact it’s a very classic Christian saying. But it’s struck me once again over the last few days and I want to think about it briefly with you. You’ve probably worked out from the title of this blog what this phrase is, it’s ‘future hope’.

So, what does ‘future hope’ mean? Let’s break it down into individual words. So ‘future’ is what is to come, and ‘hope’ is a desire and expectation for something to happen. Let’s put them back together then! Future hope is our expectation and desire for what is to come. In other words, what do we want for the future? For many people, they may have hope that something will happen but aren’t 100% sure that it will. You might hope that your football team wins the league next season, or that you get the chance to be the donkey in the nativity, or that you get to have Emily’s incredible Sri Lankan Curry, but really, you have no idea if it will happen or not for sure.

We all have hopes for the future, it’s not bad to at all! With most of our hopes and dreams, we can’t be completely sure if they will happen, but as Christians, we can be sure. We know what this hope is, we know what is coming, because it says so in the book, in the Bible! The whole Old Testament points to Jesus who came to be the Messiah, the saviour, the King, God on Earth. And then we read in the Gospels about who Jesus was, what he did, how he lived, what he said, and then how he died and came back to life. Later on, in the New Testament we read about the Church being born, coming to life and spreading across the world! But then we arrive at the book of Revelation, a book not often talked about! It’s a complicated, weird, crazy book where a guy named John is given by God this incredible dream of Heaven and the end of the time. There are loads of mad things that happen and incredible creatures, but none of that really matters because the whole book points to one thing, God wins, Jesus wins, good wins, love wins. That’s our future hope as Christians, the fact that God wins! And I’m sorry if you’re reading the Bible in one year and you haven’t got to that point yet, but the news is too good not to share, GOD WINS!!! Life may be really tough right now but, God wins. COVID-19 may have had an effect on you, bigger than you ever imagined, but in the end, God wins. It say’s so in the book! In my last blog, I talked about ‘if faith’ and ‘though faith’ and this is why we can have ‘though faith’. Even though life is hard, we can have faith because God wins, it’s our future hope.

So, look to the future, know that God wins! Even though life may be tough for you right now, hang on in there because good overcomes bad, like light overcomes darkness. It can be hard to have this future hope when we don’t know when this will come to fruition. It can seem really insignificant, but it’s quite the opposite! Because as we have hope of what is to come, we are reminded of what God has already done, of His power and of His love. Jesus’ death and resurrection are just one example of this. It seemed like God had failed, that death had won. But God is life, Jesus is life, and life overcomes death. When life seems hopeless, there is every reason to hope because one day, Jesus will come back and, on that day, God wins. It’s our future hope but also our hope for today, that we can hold on to right now. God is bigger and better than every situation we find ourselves in, and He will win.