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Short Thoughts

I am not a tall chap; in fact, I don’t think I have ever been close to being considered ‘above average’ in height. The reality is, the most accurate adjective to describe my physical stature is ‘small’ although I prefer ‘compact’ as it sounds less… sad. Anyway, at the start of every school year my Mum would purchase some new school uniform and it would always be several sizes too big. The logic (which is fairly well established) being that I would of course grow into over the course of the year. Having said that it always meant that at least up until Christmas I was resigned to looking like I had opted to wear a parachute instead of a sweatshirt for the entirety of autumn term.

Now this may seem like a pretty random way to start and blog and frankly that’s because it is. I only meant to write a sentence on the clothing situation, but as is common in the brain of Sam…. I got distracted.

Lemonade is really just lemon flavoured spicy water….. (There we go again; I’ve been working from home for too long)

Anyway, as much as to begin with a felt a little out of my depth in my new jumper, ultimately and inevitably, I grew into it. If the only school uniform I had all year was stuff that fitted me at the beginning, on the whole, I would have been in for an uncomfortable year. Now if you have followed that bizarre analogy, I now present my fairly sensible point. Life is exactly like this. Loosely.

We will never be able to grow to our full potential if we don’t give our self that space to grow. There are so many stories in the bible of how God puts people in situations that seem uncomfortable and difficult and in some situations down right impossible. But it is those situations, with God’s help, that we a truly able to flourish. We have to take risks.

For the disciples in at the beginning of Matthews gospel (Matt 4:18-22) they were fisherman, they knew their stuff. In fact, they were most likely very good at it! They could have stayed there their whole lives and been comfortable. But can you imagine if they had?! Where would we be now, without the pioneers of the early church? Instead they took a massive risk and tried something they were totally unqualified to do, but with the help of Jesus they were able to do incredible things!

So that’s my challenge to you, is there a part of your life where you are too comfortable? Do you feel like God wants you to test your limits and step out of the proverbial boat? Why not give it a shot?!