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Will And Sam on Lockdown

Welcome back to another blog! This week, we’re having a short break from our mini-series ‘How I got here’. Instead, Will and Sam are going to be answering a few questions about lockdown and what they have been up to!

What have you been up to in lockdown?

Sam: I would imagine both Will and I will answer this fairly similarly! I’ve heard quite a lot of people talk about having a lot of spare time at the moment, but in reality, I always seem to have something that needs doing. Whether it’s recording videos, writing lesson plans, writing assignments and a hundred other things I’m definitely not bored! I would add that this is definitely a positive thing as, without a doubt, I am the worst person in the world at doing nothing, so being busy keeps me from going stir crazy!

Will: In lockdown I have been pretty busy actually! I’ve been doing a lot of college work like writing essays and prepping for my next block week. I have also been busy with Church stuff like filming, writing blogs and lesson plans, and having lots of meetings. Then at home, I’ve had many chats with friends over FaceTime, gone for walks, done PE with Joe Wicks (it’s hard work!), cooked a few meals, played FIFA, and done other bits and pieces! So, yeah, you could definitely say I’ve been busy!!!

What have you found hard?

Sam: I am an extrovert, I know shock horror, right?! The fact that I am an extrovert means that not being able to meet up with my friends in person has been a real struggle. I desperately miss going to watch the football, worshipping with my church family every week, and having a great time with the kids at all our groups during the week. I even miss being able to go and study with my friends in the library at Uni! I miss studying, I never thought I would say that; it feels wrong! Another thing that I found really difficult is focusing on my work, being in the same room all the time and staring at a computer all the time really takes its toll on the level of patience and focus that I have!

Will: Because of my personality, lockdown for me in many ways hasn’t been too difficult. Even still, I have found not being able to hang out with friends really hard and I’m missing spending time with them. I’ve also missed playing, refereeing and watching football, as well as not going to SML and worshipping there and hanging out with the kids on a Sunday morning and throughout the week! It’s been hard not doing the things I normally would do, and I that enjoy. But what’s great is that I’ve found new things that I enjoy too. And also, I can look forward to when we can do those fun things again!

What new thing have you learnt in lockdown?

Sam: That’s a tough one, I had a go at making bread, that was fun (and actually quite successful)! I’ve also learnt that if you forget to turn on autosave and your computer crashes then you have major problems… Never doing that again. I guess the main thing I have learnt is, how much I thrive on socialising and as a result trying to find new and creative ways of meeting up with my friends. Whether that is playing video games, doing a quiz, just having a catch up and a cuppa or even going on a socially distant walk! I’ve had to really think of new ways of keeping my self sane!

Will: I’ve learnt a few things over lockdown! I’ve learnt that I actually enjoy writing when it is about things that I’m passionate about! I’ve loved writing blogs. It’s a bit sad but I enjoyed writing one of my Uni essays too because as I did, the topic I was writing about began to make sense and became something I could apply to my life today. I’ve also learnt about how I work best and that I’m more creative than I thought I was! So I’ve learnt a fair few things about myself which I hope I can take into post-lockdown life.

So, there we go! That’s what Will and Sam have been up to. Why not let us know what you’ve been doing, what you have found hard and what you’ve learnt? And if you have any questions that you’d love Emily, Will and Sam to answer, why not send them in to us and we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can! Big love,

Will and Sam