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Great Power, Big Love

I was listening to a Bible reflection the other day on the app Lectio 365 (an app I would definitely recommend). On this particular day, they were talking about Corrie Ten Boom, a woman who has been described as a ‘Hero of the Holocaust’, and one of the great women of faith; why not go and look her up and read her story, it is incredible! But as I was listening, this saying of hers struck me and caused me to stop and to think. But before I go on and tell you what this is (and don’t go and sneakily read on!), if you’ve got family or people living with you, why not go and grab them, then come back to read this together because this is a message for all ages and all people. If you are on your own, give someone a call and get them to read this message with you because it’s an exciting message, a life-giving message, an encouraging message! So off you go, and then come back when you’re together.

Welcome back! Are you ready?

Corrie Ten Boom says this:

“There’s nothing too great for God’s power, and nothing too small for God’s love.”

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!!! You read that way too quickly!!! Read it again, but this time, slower.

“There’s nothing too great for God’s power, and nothing too small for God’s love.”

And one more time, but even slower now and let the words sink right in.

“There’s nothing too great for God’s power, and nothing too small for God’s love.”


Do you know what that means? Nothing is too big for God to deal with, and nothing is too small for Him not to care.

I wonder if you have ever felt really powerless and really small? Why not talk to those around you and tell them a story about what it was like and how you felt. Listen to one another’s stories, I wonder if there are common themes that come up in them?

Corrie Ten Boom lived in the Netherlands during the Holocaust. When the Nazi’s invaded the country in 1940, her family hid and protected an estimated 800 resistance fighters and Jews in secret rooms in their home, until they could be moved somewhere safer. But in February 1944, a year-and-a-half before the war ended, the family were betrayed, and the Nazi’s came in to arrest them. They were all put into solitary confinement and imprisoned in concentration camps. Using a smuggled Bible, Corrie led prayer groups with her sister on a female camp. Corrie later got released due to an admin error, but her sister Betsie died on camp. She went on to tell her story publicly and to talk about forgiveness and how prayer works.

In that concentration camp, Corrie must have felt incredibly powerless and incredibly small. She was stuck in a horrific place, isolated from nearly all her friends and family. There wasn’t enough food, hygiene was poor, and she must have known that the likelihood of surviving it was slim. Yet she had hope because, “there’s nothing too great for God’s power, and nothing too small for God’s love.”

The world isn’t in a particularly good place right now; don’t get me wrong, it is nowhere near as bad as what Corrie and others faced in the concentration camps 70 or so years ago. But we seem to be in a situation where we feel almost powerless. Our world at the moment is seemingly getting controlled by a virus that we can’t see. It is natural to feel incredibly small and powerless. But know this, “there’s nothing too great for God’s power, and nothing too small for God’s love.”

As Christians we have the Holy Spirit living in us. In kid’s church, we have talked about Him as our ‘secret weapon’ who helps us to do all things. And God speaks truth to us through the Holy Spirit, as we are reminded by the Spirit what is written in the Bible (John 14:16-17a, 26). We can take this into everyday life too. I’ve found great freedom in praying when I feel small and weak because as we pray, we invite God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, of you and of me, of all that is good, into the situation that we face. And we have God on our side, who is much bigger than any issue, or doubt, or fear, that we can come up against. So I challenge you to pray every time you feel even a little bit small and a little bit scared, that God’s presence would come and fill you, and that He would remind you of who He is.

I don’t know right now what you are feeling inside; whether you are feeling big or small, powerful or powerless, or something different, but my prayer for every single one of you, is that you would know God’s presence and power and strength in you this day and in this season.

So to finish, I would love you to pray with those who you are sat with, those in your household and family; grown-ups, pray for the kids and kids, pray for your grown-ups. If you are just with your husband or wife, pray together. Whatever the makeup of your household is, pray together and invite the Holy Spirit to come and fill you with His presence once again that you may know “there’s nothing too great for God’s power, and nothing too small for God’s love.”

Almighty God,

I lift up each person reading this to you. That they would know Your presence with them. I thank you that there’s nothing too great for Your power, and nothing too small for Your love. And I just pray ‘come Holy Spirit come’. Fill each person once again with Your goodness, that they may know Your power and presence living in them. And remind them this day of who You are, Your promises to them, and what You say about each one of us.

In Your holy name I pray,